Imagine that you can cook just about anything you want on the grill, easily, happily and without worrying about how and who will clean up after 

So that’s it! 

You do not have to just imagine, you can actually accomplish it

With La-Chef Grill Mat!

You get:

*2 Grill Mat– 16″ x 13″X0.01″

And as a special bonus (2+2)!

*1 Grill Mesh- 16″ x 13″X0.033 for Grill and Oven

*1 Baking Mat-16″ x 13″X 0.003 for Oven

All mats made from PTFE coated fabric (PFOA Free – FDA approval).

La-Chef Grill Mat Can helps you cooking easier, cleaner and with much more fun

How? I will tell you:

*By grilling almost everything – meat, chicken, burgers, vegetables, fish, shrimps, pizza, and even pancakes, bacon ,eggs and many more

*By keeps food Juicy, tender and tasty

*By no worry of a dirty food, It Stops the food from falling through the cracks

Why? Because it:

*Reusable- you can use it OVER and OVER again!

*Heavy Duty- 100% non-stick

*Can be used on the grill and on the oven

*Withstand high temperature up to 500F/260C

*can be cut to any size required to fit your toaster, pans, cake, etc


*You don’t need to worry anymore about who will clean the grill – The grill will stay clean!!!

*It’s easy to clean up! Only with soap and water or in the dishwasher (safe!)